Wire Products Design and Manufacture

Serial industrial production
Company Profile
Tradexpo was founded in 2015. lt is located in Central Russia not far from Moscow. We саn develop any equipment for your needs making required technical drawings and 3D models and conduct needed tests of finished equipment.

Our sample items are always free of charge and саn bе produced within а few days. We саn also provide the technical audit of your current items made bу other producers, optimize the construction addressing better proposal in terms of pricing and values. Naturally we саn produce equipment of customer design.

Our facilities include various metal processing machines, welding systems, а powder coating line. Our total production area is currently 1000 sq. m, while the warehouse space is 2000 sq. m.
Company History
2007 – 2012
Small-scale production.
Minimal automation.
Work with subcontractors.
Focus on retail inquiries and small-scale wholesale.
2013 – 2015
Serial production.
Partial automation.
Expansion of production areas.
Focus on wholesale and large wholesale, cooperation with suppliers of trade and exhibition equipment.
2016 – 2018
Expansion of production area.
Equipping with new high-tech
metal processing machines:
wire and sheet.
Powder paint line modernization.
2019 – 2021
Expansion of production area 1400 m2
New production segment - wire and
wood furniture and interior items.
Woodworking and coating workshop. General increase in production automation. Welding robotization.
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3D Wire Bending

Custom Wire Display Item

Custom Supermarket Shelves

Custom Furniture and Interior Items

Production Stages

Cutting and bending
We straighten and form high-carbon steel wire of various
diameters on high-precision 3D bending machines or form a frame from a steel profile pipe with a section of 2 cm with a wall thickness of 1.5 mm
Welding and assembly
We combine the details of the product by welding into a single whole and obtain the basis of future production.
We prepare the base metal and coat it with a layer of durable polymer powder coating.
Sent to the oven for polymerization.
The result is an environmentally friendly, durable, waterproof coating, resistant to alkaline and acidic effects.
Quality control and packaging
We check the output quality, test the
products of each batch for welding quality
and coating strength. We complete the
furniture with everything necessary.
Carefully pack, label and ship to you
anywhere in the world.

Our Advantages

We work hard every day to make our clients' life
better and happier
Huge Working Experience
Since 2007
Prior Experience Working with Largest Retail Chains
Customer Costs Improvement
Dealing with Ready-made Projects
Free of Charge Samples During the Negotiation
Stable Price Level Despite the Market Situation
Large Editions in a Relatively Short Time
Worldwide Sales
Delivery at Well Prices

Workflow Phases

Launch into production from 1,000 pcs in 3 days
Technical task
We receive a technical task, calculate the production and logistics cost,
suggest possible ways to optimize
pricing and reduce costs.
We prepare drawings and
vizualizations for approval making adjustments and calculate
the final cost.
We produce samples for approval and send them anywhere in the world
Batch production
We produce a batch in strict
accordance with the provided
drawings and samples.

Order a calculation of the cost
according to the technical task and get a 5% discount

We will contact you and clarify the details or write to us order@tradexpo.ru
By clicking on the button, you consent to the processing of personal data and agree to the privacy policy
How can I make sure the quality of the products?
Order samples from us. Most samples are free. Shipping only paid.
What payment methods do you accept?
We mainly support T / T - 30/70% and L / C for large quantities and mass production, as well as D/A and D/P in some cases. With a small amount, individual conditions are possible.
Are there any discounts?
Yes, we can offer a discount on order quantity.
Can I print the logo on the product or box?
Of course. Logo and other information may be applied to your order.
Where is your production located? Can i visit your factory?
Our company and factory are located in building 44, 13th Bereznikovskaya Street, Ivanovo, Ivanovo Region, Russia. About 300 km from Moscow. We are always glad to all our customers from home and abroad and are ready to show you the production. You can fly to one of the airports in Moscow, from where we can meet you and arrange a transfer before production.
Your Personal Specialist
Aleksandr Korotkov
Ypur personal technical specialist
Phone: +7 (901) 290-00-01
WhatsApp - Telegram - WeChat
E-mail: korotkov@tradexpo.ru